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>>>>>>  Studio & Online Space

We are more than a studio.

NIYAMA WELLNESS,  was founded by Manbir Randhawa in June 2021, Niyama Wellness, is a studio & online platform to provide wellness courses and coaching to people. It was established with a goal to spread awareness & provide tools in our community for well-being, at not just the physical, but mental, emotional and social levels too. Research proves, that every aspect of our life influences our state of well-being.

OUR PURPOSE:   Educate & enable people to live a fuller life through the practice and understanding of regular exercise , nutritional diet , mindfulness, spiritual or religious beliefs , fun hobbies and life coaching.

Stretching on Yoga Mat

>>>>>>  Our Ethos

Our habits define our personality & physicality, so changing ourselves needs discipline.

Niyama , or self discipline is what it is all about. 

'Niyama' is the Sanskrit term for a set of personal practices or inner observances that allow us to open towards self-improvement as part of the path of yoga.  Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, outline five niyamas as part of the second limb of yoga. These niyamas are all practices that can be considered inner observances.They are a way of applying the ethical codes of yoga to our own mind, body and spirit, helping to create a positive environment internally. Practicing the niyamas is said to give the yogi the inner strength, clarity and discipline that he/she needs in order to progress on his/her spiritual journey.

>>>>>>  Understanding the principles

Saucha: purification, cleanliness and clarity of mind, communication and physical body. This recognizes that the yogi's external environment affects his/her inner purity.

Practices such as meditation can help to cultivate the cleanliness of mind specified by saucha.


Know the Niyamas


>>>>>  Take the first step towards a better you

What we offer:

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